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Custom Made Pull-Out Shelves​


Kitchen, pantry, bathroom, closets... you name it and we can improve it. We create easy access to those hard to reach areas. We will set you up for success with an organized, spacious, and ergonomically friendly cabinet system. With years of experience, ​you can count on the Pull-Out Shelf Company to provide you with customized work that's built to last. 

View our photo gallery below to see how we can transform your pantry, cabinets and other storage areas with pull-out shelves. 

Quality Customization

We offer 9 Ply Baltic Birch, white, as well as maple, oak and cherry for your customized pull-out shelves.


All of our shelves are made with dovetail construction to increase durability. We don't simply glue or staple planks together - our custom made drawers are built with quality craftsmanship and made to last


Satisfaction Guaranteed

We want to exceed your expectations with every interaction. We offer a lifetime warranty to ensure each customer is always pleased with their pull-out shelves. 

Any room in your house can be transformed by installing pull-out shelves. If you're short on space, want to organize clutter or increase accessibility to those hard-to-reach places, give us a call!

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